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LV500 PRO Remote Control Slope Mower

Green Climber LV500 Pro is a remote controlled mower with a flail cutting head and with undercarriage tracks. This beast is fully operated by remote control and can be used without an operator on board. It can tackle steep gradients up to more than 60º uphill, downhill and diagonally thanks to the extendable undercarriage tracks which enable a better grip on the terrain. Green Climber LV500 Pro is a mower designed to carry out maintenance of green areas, roadsides and highways particularly inconvenient or dangerous to reach.

1280 kg


8 km/h


50 HP


LV500 PRO Remote Control Slope Mower

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LV500 PRO Remote Control Slope Mower Specs & Add-Ons

Key Specifications

Feature 1 Powerful 4-cylinder YANMAR DIESEL ENGINE
Feature 2 Patented undercarriage to climb steep slopes and anti-de-tracking system of the tracks.
Feature 3 Engine lubrication patented by MDB for continuous use on steep slopes of up to 60°.
Feature 4 MDB turbine air pre-filter (entirely in metal) with continuous expulsion, separates and removes the majority of dust.
Feature 5 The integrated hydraulic side-shifting plate allows for lateral adjustment of the attachment of up to 400mm.
Feature 6 The totally hydraulic floating attachment plate of the mulcher allows the tool to remain constantly in contact with the floor.
Feature 7 Integrated cylinders allow for widening of the tracks from 1340mm up to 1730mm (patented system).
Feature 8 3 fully-proportional auxiliary lines. Tow Hook


Main attachment pump 70lt @ 320bar
Service pump 24lt @ 190bar
Extendable undercarriage (Closed) 1330 mm (Open) 1730 mm
Attachment sideshifting 500mm hydraulic - 500mm mechanical
Flail Speed 3300 rpm
Ground speed (Km/hr) 8
Engine Yanmar 36 Kw
Horsepower 50 HP
Torque 146 Nm
Fuel type Diesel
Fuel capacity (L) 29


Machine Height 1180mm
Machine Length 2060mm
Machine Width 1340-1740mm
Standard Flail Weight 227kg
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